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Harbor Architects LLC has over 50 years of experience in designing custom homes, from small to large.  While we are very proud of our designs and past projects, we also value the privacy of our residential clients and do not display photos or floor plans of their homes in our marketing materials.  For that reason, while all photos included in our marketing demonstrate design elements of our projects, most will be from commercial or public projects.

Harbor Architects LLC creates unique, completely custom designs for each client, focusing on the vision that they bring to us and on the best way to achieve that vision within the framework of building codes, regional environmental considerations, and energy codes.  We do not have stock plans and we do not reuse any previous plans for new clients. 

We often get calls with similar introductory questions, so we have created this to address those questions.  Additional questions are always welcome, and we are happy to discuss your vision for your project with you any time.

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