Ocean Shores Library - Addition & Remodel

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Project Description
1.1.         WORK INCLUDED

Provide all labor, materials and equipment required to complete all the Work under a single, lump sum contract for Ocean Shores Public Library – Addition & Remodel, located at 573 Point Brown Avenue NW, Ocean Shores, Washington, as shown on the Drawings and described in the Project Manual.  Items of the Work include, but are not limited to:

1.     Wood frame structure additions on cast-in-place concrete foundation with concrete grade slab.

a.     Addition – A (Base Bid):  338 square feet.

b.     Addition – B (Base Bid):  600 square feet.

c.     Addition – C (Alternate Number One):  240 square feet.

2.     Miscellaneous interior and exterior modifications and improvements.


1.2.         WORK NOT INCLUDED

The following items of work will be performed by others, under separate contract, and are not included in this Contract.  The Contractor is responsible for storing, if requested, separate contract equipment.  The Contractor is responsible for coordinating related work of the Contract with separate contract work.  The Contractor shall provide all preparatory work necessary for proper installation of separate contract items including:  blocking and backing, and shall provide all finish work necessary for proper installation of separate contract items including:  caulking, grouting, furring and painting adjacent surfaces.

1.     Voice/data cabling and all terminations.

2.     Moving furniture and equipment, unless shown otherwise.

3.     Asbestos abatement.

4.     Providing topsoil.

5.     Landscaping.

6.     All other items shown on the Drawings and/or described in the Project Manual as “NIC” (not in contract).


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