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The original Domino’s store in Hoquiam was in an aging building in poor condition and prone to flooding.  Harbor Architects LLC worked with the owners to create a design for a new, larger building on an adjacent lot.


The owners had been expanding their franchise throughout the Pacific Northwest, utilizing innovative strategies to streamline operations and increase efficiency at each new facility.  They brought their knowledge to our design team and used these successful strategies for this new flagship store in Hoquiam.


The property had some floodplain issues which created unique design challenges.  The site had to be elevated and the building had to have additional flood proofing up to 4 feet which presented unique challenges on a wood-frame building.  Construction during the era of Covid-19 added additional concerns for safety and supply chain issues for building materials.


Harbor Architects LLC assisted the owners with their vision for a building that would be different, more in a Northwest style.  The owners wanted to create something welcoming to the community, with indoor dining, an open and inviting atmosphere, and a drive-through pickup option.  The design showcased the kitchen and prep area, leaving it open to the dining area and visible to customers.


This new building has drawn attention and praise from Domino’s corporate officers and may potentially influence more new stores to seek a unique style apart from the standard Domino’s appearance. 


Construction was completed in the summer of 2021.

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